Choosing commercial garage doors is an important choice. It makes no difference if your business is in storage, retail, or even agriculture. The key factor is to know that your valuables are secure. Your garage door selection will have an impact on both the security and appearance of your business. It will safeguard your property from break-ins, fire damage, and even inclement weather.

Commercial garage doors come in a variety of styles. Additionally, examine the sort of structure for which the garage door will be used. For example, many commercial buildings open and shut garage doors on a daily basis more than 50 times. A residential garage door may be incapable of handling the demand. This is why you should select one that is purpose-built for the task at hand.

Additionally, it would help if you considered durability, usefulness, and security. In certain circumstances, curb appeal and a good price are factors in the selection. There are several styles of commercial garage doors available. However, the most prevalent are roll-up garage doors, sectional garage doors, security gates, and fire-rated garage doors. The material of the door is just as important as the color, finish, and any unique extras such as insulation, glass, or hardware.

Types Of Commercial Garage Doors

Overhead or Sectional Commercial Garage Doors

Overhead doors are one of the most common kinds of garage doors. They get their name from the fact that they are hoisted by a track or rail until they are horizontal with the ceiling. Overhead doors are manually controlled or motorized, with a remote device that raises and lowers the door. They are constructed of various materials ranging from glass and aluminum to wood and metal. Overhead doors are made up of long slats connected by hinges. This is what allows them to roll up and down the track.

Roll-Up Commercial Garage Doors

When a roll-up door is raised, it collapses into a single coil. The slats on roll-up doors are substantially smaller than those on overhead doors to allow optimum flexibility and ease of rolling. Roll-up doors are suitable in circumstances where overhead door rails are either in the way or there is no place for rails, such as a large open warehouse. This cleaner approach produces the same results as any other form of door. The whole model is linked to the inner wall and guided until it is rolled up entirely.

Fire-Rated Commercial Garage Doors

Fire-rated doors work in the same manner as roll-up doors do. They are lifted and lowered manually or with the assistance of motorized devices. The main distinction is that they provide more protection than most regular roll-up doors. This is due to the fact that they are built of thick, sturdy stainless steel that is fire resistant, noise resistant, and provides excellent insulation. Fire-rated doors are versatile enough to be custom-built for any door configuration, and they are often used in warehouses, mills, distribution centers, and parking garages. In the event that a fire is detected, they include auto-closing features.

Security Grille Commercial Garage Doors

Scissor doors are a one-of-a-kind commercial garage door to consider installing. Due to the unique design, Scissor gate doors move from side to side, like a sliding door, rather than up and down. One feature that distinguishes this garage door is that it is made of high-quality steel and provides a high degree of security.

Security Shutter Garage Doors

Security shutters serve as a deterrent, providing additional safety against would-be attackers or thieves. Roller shutters operate by sliding or rolling up and down tracks when rolled up, the slats fit into a tiny box above the entrance. Typically, the box is installed within the door, known as an internal face. Other solutions are possible, but this is the most secure. When the shutters are rolled down, they fit tightly against the garage floor, making them very secure.

Best Commercial Garage Door Brands

After you’ve decided on the kind of garage door you want, you’ll want to look into some of the brands that are available.


CHI is one of the most rapidly developing and well-known garage door brands on the market today. CHI is the most recently created company among the options, yet they distinguish themselves with outstanding goods and exceptional service. CHI concentrates on high-end doors, but even its lower-end products seem high-end, with features like realistic artificial wood and many color choices.


One of the major garage door manufacturers, however, their customer service is uncompromised. Clopay has a diverse product line, but their high-end selection and customized selections are where they thrive. Clopay also provides entrance doors that match garage doors for an added touch of aesthetic appeal.


DoorLink provides a complete line of commercial steel overhead doors with a variety of styles and features to meet the demands of most business owners. DoorLink improves the quality of its panels by using double-hemmed inner return rails, a complete one mil external paint system, and rolled edges.

Commercial Garage Doors At G.P. Construction Services!

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