Liftmaster is one of the most popular brands when it comes to garage doors. But even high-quality brands can have glitches from time to time. So here are the most common issues you may have with a Liftmaster remote garage door opener and how to solve them. 

Lights Don’t Work

New Liftmaster garage door openers have corner-to-corner LED lighting to keep your garage illuminated while you park and get out of the car. These are quite convenient unless they won’t turn on. If your lights aren’t working, it could be due to the wrong light socket. If this is the case, the socket will need to be replaced. You can do this by removing the circuit board from the motor unit and replacing the socking holding the wire terminals and light bulb. A replacement socket will cost around $15. Be sure everything has the correct wattage to avoid a potential fire. 

Garage Door Will Only Go Down When Wall Switch Is Held Down

If you find that your garage opens easily, but will only close when you are holding down the wall switch, it could be caused by the safety sensors. The safety sensors are there to prevent the garage door from closing if something or someone is in the way. If the sensors aren’t aligned properly, it will keep the garage door from closing. To fix this, you can manually adjust the alignment of the sensors. The photo eye sensors could be misaligned, or something could be blocking the light between each sensor, even dust or debris. Use a clean cloth to wipe the sensors. You can also check that the red “source” light and green “sensor” light are both working. If one of the lights is off, check for issues with the plugs, breakers, or fuses. You can also unplug and replug the power source to reset the sensor. 

The Remote Doesn’t Work, But Wall Switch Does

If the issue seems to be with the Liftmaster remote garage door opener, it may be helpful to start with checking the remote batteries. Try replacing the batteries with fresh ones that are fully charged. If the remote still doesn’t work after replacing the batteries, replacing the remote might be the best option. 

The Wall Switch Doesn’t Work, But The Remote Does

If you are able to open and close your garage door with the remote, but not with the wall switch, it may be due to faulty wiring or an issue with the unit itself. Start by troubleshooting the issue to see if it is the switch or the wires. Remove the switch from the wall and find the two main wires. Touch them together and see if it makes the opener work. If it does work, then there may be an issue with the switch unit. If this does not work, then the issue is more likely with the wires. 

Other Liftmaster Opener Issues

If you are experiencing some other issue with your garage door, you may need to call in a professional. Some other more serious problems include broken garage door springs or the motor unit track is not properly aligned. If you feel unsure about how to troubleshoot a garage door problem, don’t hesitate to get a second opinion from a garage door pro. 

Hire An Expert!

Although troubleshooting is the first step, if your garage door is in need of repair, contact the experts at G.P. Construction. We provide garage door servicing and repair for existing garage doors and openers of all brands and models! Allow us to assist you in extending the life of your garage door with expert maintenance and repair. Visit our website to request a free estimate.