Windows have been a common feature on garage doors in recent years. This might be partly attributed to the growing popularity of carriage-style doors, which often have windows. If you are a homeowner considering installing a new garage door in the near future, these ideas might assist you in determining if garage door windows are ideal for you.

Advantages Of Garage Door Windows

There are several advantages of having garage door windows. Some include:


When you install a garage door with windows, your garage becomes an extension of your home rather than just a place to park your vehicle. When the windows on your garage match those on your house, it adds to the curb appeal of your property, catching the attention of neighbors and possible homebuyers.


Garage door windows enable homeowners and business owners to add natural light to their garages, making them more inviting and straightforward to manage! The intense glare of overhead lighting is not always desirable while looking for things in your garage. And, more often than not, the light is still too weak to see anything.

Increased Property Values

When new, updated garage doors are installed correctly and complement the property’s appearance, they may easily improve curb appeal and result in a significant increase in the value of the home. Windows on a garage door are seen as an extra bonus that contributes to the resale value.

Possible Disadvantages of Garage Door Windows

While windows are stylish and add value to your home, they do have some drawbacks. Understanding these drawbacks might assist you in avoiding issues once your garage door has been installed.


Keep in mind that a garage door with windows will almost certainly cost more than one without. This is due in part to the labor expenses involved with constructing a door with glass inserts. While the price difference isn’t significant, this may be a deterrent if you’re on a limited budget.

Possible Security Issues

While the windows on your garage door are just as safe as any other window on your home, there have been rare occasions that thieves in your area might try “fishing. “Fishing” is a technique in which a thief pulls the door inward to create a space at the top, inserts a wire hook, and fishes for the emergency release handle on your garage door opener. At the same time, some may be slightly simpler to fish, particularly if your garage door includes a glass that lets the thief see his movements. However, this issue may be resolved by installing tinted glass.

Broken Windows

One unavoidable disadvantage of adding windows to anything is the possibility of those windows breaking. As a result, a loose basketball may cause the glass to shatter. However, this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re not concerned about damage or are confident that you can persuade the children to keep flying things away from the garage.

Increased Repairs and Maintenance

Washing a garage door with windows often requires a bit more time and attention than cleaning windowless doors and making sure that the windows are properly sealed to keep out any elements.

Energy Efficiency 

Due to the thermal properties of glass, a garage door that has windows loses more heat in the winter. If you heat your garage during the colder months, adding windows to your garage door may result in a bit increase in your electricity cost. However, insulated windows are an option and will help make your garage more energy efficient. This could be a great selling point for potential buyers as well. 

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