Most garages these days are electric and controlled by a garage door opener. But what happens when you move or your garage door remote stops working, or you lost your old one and now have a new one? Here is how to program your garage door opener to your new remote.

Cancel Your Old Garage Door Opener Codes

If you have lost your old garage door remote, you will want to change the codes stored in the memory bank of your garage door opener. In the event that someone were to find your garage door remote, they would be able to open your garage door. If you’ve moved into a new home, you will also want to cancel old codes, so any remotes the previous owner had cannot be used if they are still connected to the garage door. 

Accessing the Garage Door Opener

Grab a step ladder so you can reach the garage door opener and look for a panel with a button located on the back of the machine. Many models refer to it as the “learn” button. For most garage door opener models you can hold down this button to erase the previously stored codes. You may notice a light that will indicate when the codes have been erased. If you don’t see this light, be aware that it could take anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds to clear the memory, so if you aren’t sure how long yours needs, you can hold for 30 seconds just to be sure they’ve cleared. 

Connect a New Garage Door Remote

Once old codes have been removed, you can begin adding new remotes to the opener. If you have the owner’s manual, you can use it to learn how to program the garage door opener, but if not, you can follow these general steps. 

  • Find the “learn” button again. 
  • Press it without holding it in this time.
  • Once you press the “learn” button, press the button on the remote you want to pair.
  • Follow these steps again to pair additional remotes. Avoid holding the “learn” button down too long, so you don’t erase the codes you just added.

How to Connect a Car to Your Garage Door Opener

Many newer vehicles have a button inside that can be programmed as a garage door remote. The steps are likely to be similar depending on what kind of car you have, but you can check with the manual of your garage door opener or car owner’s manual. 

  • Press the “learn” button on the back of the garage door opener.
  • Don’t hold it down or you may erase other codes stored on its memory.
  • Now you will need to press and hold the remote button. You may need a 2nd person to help with this step, so you can press it immediately after pressing the “learn” button.
  • You will likely hear a clicking sound and see a light flash meaning the garage door opener has accepted the new remote in your car.

Need a New Garage Door Opener?

If you’re trying to figure out how to program a garage door opener and realize that it is broken, call G.P Construction. We carry the full line of Liftmaster garage door openers that will compliment any garage door. We can recommend the right garage door opener for your door, complete the installation, and help you connect your remotes.