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Many people consider their garage door to be an important part of their home since they use it daily, whether leaving or arriving home. Garage doors are subjected to everyday wear and tear, which may put a strain on the door’s internal mechanics. Garage door panels can start to show evidence of wear and tear on the exterior. So, for damaged garage doors, you may want to consider garage door panel repair or full door replacement. 

Can My Garage Door Panel Be Repaired?

If the garage door has been damaged in a minor accident, but only one or two panels are impacted, you may choose to replace the affected panels. Replacing just one or two garage door panels is frequently a more straightforward and less expensive solution to repair your garage door.

While the option of replacing a garage door is available, it is usually unnecessary in situations of minor damage or wear and tear. A garage door should last around ten years before needing to be replaced by a professional.

Things To Consider Before Deciding To Repair or Replace

When a garage door panel is damaged, you typically have two options: repair or replace. Two significant things must be considered before deciding on a course of action.

The Damage

The extent of the door’s damage will play a significant role in determining whether to repair or replace it. A minimal amount of filler and paint may be sufficient for minor damage. However, if you backed your vehicle into the garage, the damage would likely be more extensive than a little ding. In this instance, you will also need to explore underlying issues. Although you may be able to fix the broken panels, the impact may have impaired the door’s opening and closing mechanisms.

The Age of Your Garage Door

If your garage door is over twenty years old, it has undoubtedly served you well, and the best choice in the repair or replace decision is generally to replace the entire garage door. Alternatively, if your door is less than ten years old, you could consider repairing the panel. However, finding a single panel that matches your door may be challenging. The alternative is to paint the replacement panel or the whole door.

Cost of Repairing vs. Replacing Garage Doors

In most cases, repairing the damage is the most cost-effective choice, especially when just one or two panels are affected. However, if you have numerous panels that are ruined, the cost of replacing the garage door may not be that much more than repairing it. A guarantee, less maintenance, improved performance, and increased safety are just some of the additional advantages that will be available after upgrading.

Replacing A Garage Door Panel

Can garage door replacement panels be purchased? Yes, however, they must be replaced by a professional for the best results. Garage doors may be intricate and difficult to install, so can become unsafe for anybody other than a professional to attempt installation. Additionally, if you want to obtain the optimal color match, a specialist will be more likely to find the right match.

In order to have a single panel replaced, you will need to give the dealer or technician the information about the door model, the size of the panel, the color, and whether or not it is the top, bottom, or center panel. It’s possible that there won’t be a replacement panel available for your garage door model if it’s an older door.

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Always keep in mind that the level of safety is the primary consideration in this choice. The most effective course of action is to get the opinion of a trustworthy expert in the field. Even though G.P. Construction provides a broad range of services, we are best known as garage door providers. We are a company that ensures client satisfaction and stands behind all of its work. GP Construction is a locally owned and operated business in Columbia, Missouri, and we take pleasure in providing outstanding service.

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