Installing a garage door can be challenging for many homeowners, but with the right tools and knowledge, it can be done successfully. However, there are several do’s and don’ts that homeowners should keep in mind when planning to do a garage door install on their own.

Do: Research and prepare thoroughly before starting the project

This includes reading the manufacturer’s installation instructions and watching tutorials online. Make sure you know what steps you will need to take and about how much time it will take. You won’t want to start the project unless you know you will have enough time to finish it. 

Don’t: Attempt to install a garage door without the proper tools and materials. 

This can lead to unsafe installation and may damage the door or the garage. Plus, not having the tools you need will probably make the installation process take longer and become frustrating. 

Do: Install the garage door with a helper. 

Having a second person to assist with the installation can make the process easier and safer. Unless you feel very confident or have installed a garage door before, hiring a professional is going to be the best route to take rather than attempting to DIY. 

Don’t: Attempt a garage door install if you are unsure about any aspect of the installation process. 

This can lead to unsafe installation and may result in damage to the garage or injury to yourself or others. Additionally, installing your garage door improperly can affect how well it functions and could potentially void any warranty the garage door may have. 

Do: Ensure the garage door is properly balanced and leveled during installation. 

A balanced and level garage door will operate smoothly and reduce wear and tear on the door and opener. If you operate your garage door over and over while it is not level and balanced it can cause unnecessary wear and tear, which could result in needing to replace your new garage door sooner. 

Don’t: Attempt to install the garage door opener without following the manufacturer’s instructions

This can lead to unsafe operation of the garage door and opener. You will want to ensure proper placement of the opener so it will work efficiently and safely. 

Do: Test the garage door after installation to ensure it is functioning properly. 

This includes testing the safety features and making sure the door is opening and closing smoothly. Assuming the garage door is functioning properly without testing it after installation could lead to injuries or unsafe operation of the door and opener.

Do: Hire a professional to save you time, effort, and ensure the installation is done properly. 

A professional installer can perform a garage door install correctly and safely. 

A garage door install can be a challenging project for homeowners. Hiring a professional installer will not only save you time, but could save you money as well by avoiding unintentionally damaging your garage door or voiding any warranties. G.P. Construction offers free estimates and will personally measure each door. Our knowledgeable office staff can help you choose the new garage door that fits your wants and budget and coordinate a professional installation to get your old garage door out of the way and your new one installed quickly and properly. We make deciding on a new garage door as simple as possible with our showroom of door samples and a library of actual pictures of our previous installations. Get a free estimate today!