Wood has an appearance, texture, and aroma that evokes images of traditional, rustic buildings and solidity and strength. Accepting ownership of a wood garage door implies taking on the wooden garage door maintenance responsibilities. Fortunately, with some basic knowledge of maintaining a wood garage door, you can easily enjoy all of the advantages of these doors. The basics of what you need to know about cleaning, sealing, and regular wood garage door care are included in this article.

Weather and Wood Garage Doors

The weather risks on wood doors stem from the temperature differential between the door’s outside and interior surfaces.

When the exterior temperature is very low, the wood on the outside contracts while the wood exposed to the warmer air within expands. This leads to an event known as bowing, which is the opposite of what you want for your garage door. When it is really cold, the same process might happen in reverse. Your wood door may crack, distort, or even split if this occurs often enough.

A good sealant may assist in preventing cracking by reducing the rate at which moisture escapes through the door. Suppose your garage door is situated in an area that experiences high temperatures during the summer. In that case, you may want to avoid applying a very dark stain since this may enhance heat absorption and increase the likelihood of breaking. If your location is prone to severe temperatures, you may want to investigate a composite door with wood-based overlays that mimic the appearance and feel of wood but are made of steel that will not crack or bend.

Properly Cleaning Your Wood Garage Door

Cleaning your garage door on a basic level is pretty straightforward. Simply soak a towel in hot, soapy water and carefully wipe it up and down the door’s surface on both sides. This should remove any dust or grime that has accumulated on the wood. This may be done on a monthly basis or whenever dirt accumulates. If you’re going to stain your door, you’ll want to clean it down first to prepare it and remove any filth.

Check For Pests

As with rot, pests may wreak havoc on your garage door by causing it to deteriorate. Keep a lookout for insects such as termites and boring beetles, as well as tiny holes and tunnels in your garage door. The first step is to identify the pest if you have a pest issue since this will dictate the treatment. If you are unable to identify the bug or want to delegate the eradication task to a professional, contact a pest control firm.

Small holes may be repaired with wood putty before repairing the door. Significant damage may need the repair or replacement of the garage door by a garage door specialist.

Painting and Staining Your Wood Garage Door

If you want your wooden garage door to survive as long as possible, you must periodically re-stain or re-paint it. For optimal results, repeat this procedure once a year, or even every two or three years if your door seems to be in good condition.

Tips for Staining and Sealing

If you’re staining your wood garage door to restore its beauty and protect it from the weather, here are some simple procedures to take. To begin, it’s a good idea to clean the door to remove any dust, grime, or other debris. After cleaning the door, use wood filler to conceal any cracks or defects. After the wood filler has dried, the door should be sanded.

Sanding a door removes defects caused by time and the weather and creates a smooth surface for the new stain or paint. Sanding takes some time, but it is necessary if you want the finest results.

After sanding your garage door, remove any mold, mildew, or grease using a degreasing spray and, if required, a mildew remover.

After the cleaning solutions have dried completely, you may begin the painting or staining step. To start, use painters’ tape to cover any locations you want to avoid painting, such as doors and windows. After that, apply a coat of wood primer. After it has dried, you may begin painting or staining. A second coat or two may be necessary to get a more full, longer-lasting effect in certain circumstances.

Wood Garage Doors At G.P. Construction

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