Chances are the condition of your gutters is the last thing on your mind. It’s fairly easy for gutter issues and gutter repairs to go unnoticed as they must be inspected from above and you won’t notice any issues unless you are standing outside your home in heavy rain to inspect them. Gutters provide a primary function for our homes in protecting them from the elements. Any time there is a gutter problem that goes unaddressed, it will ultimately lead to more significant problems later, like wood rot, ice dams, roof leaks, and more. Here are some common gutter issues and some tips to avoid larger issues later down the line.

Loose Gutters

The first thing you will want to look for are any loose area where gutter pieces are joined together. Clogged gutters and the additional weight from leaves or mud can cause sections to pull apart from each other that need to be reattached. Most often, they can be tightened and reattached, but in some cases, a replacement is necessary. Professionals can assess the situation and tighten or reattach the sections properly if a replacement is not needed. 

Leaky Gutters

Leaky gutters are most often caused by debris blocking the flow of water to the downspout. If you are noticing leaky gutters, it is likely a result of them overflowing. A true “gutter leak” is not from overflowing but from leaking from down below. If you notice your gutters leaking, it is likely due to inclement weather that either broke or cracked a piece, and water is running through the bottom of the gutter rather than overflowing from the top due to debris. Some cracks can be repaired, but in many cases a replacement gutter section may be necessary to resolve the leak. 

Worn Out Gutters

Gutters face a lot of damage over time due to natural wear and tear from the elements. It is possible your gutters are facing a myriad of problems, such as cracks, mold, rust, or holes. In some cases, your current gutter system may be repairable and last a few more years for you. Gutters, however, do wear out over time and ultimately will need to be replaced once they are completely worn out. A professional can assess the situation and help you decide between repairs or replacements. In many cases, trying to save your existing gutters may cost more in the long run after costly repairs and ultimately replacing them 1-3 years later. 

front view of a home with damaged gutters in need of gutter repair

Faulty Downspouts

The primary function of gutter systems is to control and direct the flow of water off of the roof and to the downspouts. If your downspout is not properly directing the flow of water away from your home, the water can pool around the edges of your home and on the foundation. This can lead to potential flooding risks. The good news is downspout repairs can often be done without replacing the rest of the gutter system and is possible without replacing costly components up above. 

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