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Repairing siding is one of the best ways to improve both the functionality and the appearance of your home. Repairing siding not only keeps your home looking beautiful but also keeps it energy-efficient by keeping warm air in and cold air out during the seasons. Doing a home siding repair also addresses problems such as damage, warping, mold, and asbestos. There are many factors to consider when wondering how much a home siding repair costs. 

How Much Siding Needs To Be Repaired?

The cost of a home siding repair can vary greatly depending on how much of your siding needs to be repaired. If there are only a few areas that are damaged, the cost will be minimal. However, if you recently experienced a hail storm that caused significant damage to your siding, it is possible that you may end up fully replacing your siding. So, when you are calculating your estimated home siding repair cost, you will need to make a thorough assessment of how much siding will need to be repaired. 

What is the Extent of the Damage?

If you notice a few cracks in your siding right away and repair them promptly, you may be in luck. However, if siding repairs have gone unaddressed for too long, you could have other issues lurking beneath that could cost you big. Siding is meant to be the first defense for your home against moisture and if compromised, you could find yourself dealing with mold or wood rot. These can end up being quite expensive and result in repairs on the interior of your home as well. 

What Type of Siding Is Being Repaired?

There are various types of siding that also vary in price. If you have vinyl siding, your costs will likely be lower than if you have brick or stone. Below is an average cost per square foot of different siding types:

  • Vinyl Siding: $2-$4
  • Aluminum Siding: $3-$6
  • Wood Siding: $4-$13
  • Fiber Cement: $4-$12
  • Clapboard Siding: $5-$11
  • Brick Siding: $5-$17
  • Stucco Siding: $8-$50
  • Stone Siding: $10-$26

How Old Is Your Siding?

The age of your siding may play a factor in how much your total cost is. Older siding is likely to show signs of fading. That means when you start to replace old pieces, it may be quite noticeable, depending on the color of siding and the material it’s made from. You may end up needing to replace an entire siding wall so that it matches, which would increase the cost. 

How Many Floors Is Your Home?

If you have a multi-level home, siding repair could end up being pricier. Typically, siding repairs on upper levels can cost between 25% to 65% more than a first-floor repair. This is due to the extra labor required to reach the upper level. 

Will Your Siding Need Painting?

If you are replacing vinyl siding, chances are you won’t be painting it. However, other types of siding may require a coat of paint to get things to match properly. This can increase costs from $1 to $4 per square foot. 

Don’t Forget About Exterior Trim

Chances are, if you need to repair your siding, the exterior trim may need some attention as well. Again, this cost will depend on the extent of damage and repairs needed. Generally, exterior trim can cost between $3 and $11 per linear foot. 

Are Permits Required? 

Depending on the extent of your home siding repair and the area in which you live, a permit may be required. So, be sure to double-check your local rules and regulations and consult a professional siding team. 

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