When it rains, water should flow down the side of your roof and into your gutters, down the gutters to a downspout, into the downspout, and away from the foundation of your house. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. You may find a gutter leaking behind siding, down the fascia and soffit, and then down the side of the house or directly to the ground on some structures. If you are not fully aware of your home’s water drainage system’s functioning, you may overlook these occurrences.

To ensure that your gutters are operating properly, we recommend you inspect them closely the next time it rains. You may see water leaking behind the gutters or a saturated soffit.

This might result in the deterioration of your home’s wooden roof deck and the cracking and deterioration of the paint on your fascia and soffit. After a time, this causes the home’s wooden components to corrode, and within a few short years, you might be faced with hundreds of dollars in repairs. We recommend you undertake repairs before the arrival of winter.

Why Is My Gutter Leaking Behind Siding?

Vinyl siding is a pretty common option for new homes. It is inexpensive, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. While the waterproof nature of vinyl is an advantage, the material is engineered to expand, which might pose later issues.

These are just a few ways moisture might get trapped beneath your home’s exterior.

  • Water damage to exterior wood sheathing is spread by clogged gutter leaking behind siding.
  • The water beneath siding is often the result of inadequate caulking around window and door frames.
  • Moisture can creep beneath the outside seams when installing new siding over existing siding materials.
  • Runoff from a leaking roof runs down the outside of a house and penetrates between the siding and wood sheathing.
  • Heavy, wind-driven rain may force moisture into seams and crevices behind siding, where it collects.
  • After 20 to 30 years, siding begins to deteriorate and develops fractures that enable moisture to reach its surface.
  • A poorly installed siding system might result in loose seams that expand significantly during harsh weather.

How To Repair Siding After Damage From Gutter Leaking Behind Siding

Whatever the reason for your gutter leaking behind siding, you’ll need to get it addressed quickly. When moisture seeps through for an extended period of time, it begins to accelerate the development of mold on the foam board insulation sheets between your home’s walls. Mold development poses a threat to health, particularly asthmatics and the elderly.

In rare instances, you may not be able to schedule an appointment with a professional immediately. If this occurs, you may want to use the following simple repair to prevent more moisture from creating havoc in your home:

For cracks and holes

If you see any cracks or gaps appearing on or around your vinyl siding, you may use tri-polymer caulk to repair them. This is a very fast repair for minor cracks and gaps. If the crack is relatively significant, as is often the case with wide siding joints, you may choose to repair the split or gap using vinyl-appropriate putty. Prior to applying any caulk or putty, ensure that the area within the crack is completely dry. Moisture retention may result in the formation of mold underneath your siding.

Loose siding

Gently run a siding removal tool along the loose end of the siding until it is still securely connected to the external wall. From here, you’ll want to hook the removal tool’s little hook onto the bottom side of the siding. Once the hook is in position, use your free hand to push the section down. Glide the siding along the loose portions slowly with your free hand pushing down. This should snap the siding back into place until a professional siding contractor inspects the external condition of your property.

Make note that these two simple solutions are just temporary solutions to assist in preventing future damage to your house. You’ll want to schedule an inspection of your siding with a reputable professional since there may be more damage than you first realized.

Call In The Experts!

Since the beginning, G.P. Construction Services has focused on gutter and siding repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance. Gutters and siding play a significant part in maintaining the integrity and appearance of the outside and inside of your home. Our gutter cleaning services are an excellent way to ensure that you are always one step ahead of the repair and replacement cycle. If your gutters are leaking, sagging, rusting, or if you suspect that you may have a gutter leaking behind siding and require siding repair, contact us for a free installation or maintenance estimate.